Completed Fan Fictions

  • Alone In The Crowd by Pam (Link to another page)
  • At The Beginning by Ashley: This fanfic stems from the belief that Ned and Alexis are soulmates and would have found each other at some point in their lives no matter what path they had taken. It picks up after Ned's divorce from Lois, but the situation is entirely different than the one GH displayed. They never had a child together, and Ned isn't living in Port Charles. Alexis comes into his life by chance, and the rest ... Well, the rest is their journey to love.
  • Days Gone By by Dee: No Description
  • Finding Your Way Home by Alison
  • Helena's Revenge by Dee: Chloe was just hit by a car meant for Alexis, luckily she wasn't seriously hurt. Helena wants Alexis out of her life once and for all. Ned must find a way to keep the woman he loves safe.
  • Hot Lips and Truth by Katie: No Description
  • Kim's Untitled Fan Fiction by Kim
  • Love Is In The Air by Kim
  • Love Spurned by Jessica
  • Return of Innocence by Pam (Link to another page)
  • Second Chances by Sara and Jenni: This story is about how true love can survive the greatest losses. No matter what happens in between when its meant to be its meant to be.
  • Sudden Changes by Dee: What happens when your life makes a sudden change? Is if for the good or the bad? Should you be happy or sad? Read and find out . . . 
  • Spiraling Out Of Control by Alison: A short story I wrote awhile ago that begins at the Bacchanalia, after Katherine takes her tragic tumble off of the parapet. Can Ned and Alexis put the pieces of their shattered love affair back together and make something that works?
  • The Last Island by Rena (Link to another page)


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