Fiction Impossible

    What is Fiction: Impossible? It's your opportunity to use fan fiction to express your creativity, whether it's your first story or your hundredth, and to win prizes for that creativity.

    July's Challenge: Howdy GKs!! Independence Day is just around the cornor and it's time for another fanfic challenge. This months submissions must include the Q 4th of July picnic, fireworks and a fountain. Have fun GKs!

    Now, you can't submit just anything to be in the challenge. There are a few criteria you must follow. That's what makes it a challenge.

    First, you must follow the basic guidelines that The Gate requires for all fan fiction hosted on the site. They are as follows:

  • If GH couldn't tape your story, we can't publish it! That's not to say your story should be void of romantic scenes; just be tasteful, and leave much to the imagination *g*. The same goes for violent scenes--some people read these stories on their lunch hour, and gouged eyeballs and tuna just don't mix.
  • Ned and Alexis both must be featured as prominent characters in the story.
  • When submitting a story for the first time, be sure to include your name, your e-mail address, and the story title.
  • The Gate reserves the right to reject any submission based on content we might find questionable.

    Second, you have to follow some specific criteria made especially for Fiction: Impossible.

  • All challenges will be posted on the first day of the month. All stories must be submitted by the midnight on the 20th day of the same month. Send submissions to Please do NOT send attachments! They will not be accepted. Paste your story directly into the e-mail; break especially large submissions into a few e-mails.
  • All submissions should be one part, complete stories. The story can be as long as you'd like but can not have multiple chapters and no "to be continueds" allowed. And only one submission per author, please.
  • All submissions must include the three aspects featured at the top of the page. These three things will change every month. If your story does not include the three things required for that month it will not be included in the contest. And you need to be specific. Just mentioning the three things won't cut it.

    Finally, on to the prizes. Everyone has a chance to win at this contest because the winners are going to be voted on by you! All submissions received by the 20th of the month will be posted here on the 22nd for you to read. A voting booth will be open until midnight on the last day of the month for you to vote for your favorite. Once the polls are closed the person with the most votes will be the winner of that month's designated prize. **All prizes are genuine Nancy Lee Grahn and/or Wally Kurth memorabilia signed by the actors specifically for this contest.**

    The only other criteria for this challenge is to get involved and have fun! So GKs, let's all get out some paper and a pencil and make sure there are a ton of submissions to choose from.



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