Submit Your Best Seller!

  Please comply with the following guidelines when submitting your fan fiction for inclusion in Best Sellers:
  • If GH couldn't tape your story, we can't publish it! That's not to say your story should be void of romantic scenes; just be tasteful, and leave much to the imagination *g*. The same goes for violent scenes--some people read these stories on their lunch hour, and gouged eyeballs and tuna just don't mix.
  • Ned and Alexis both must be featured as prominent characters in the story. And while conflict is good and even healthy on the soaps, they should be a couple for at least a little while!
  • When submitting a story for the first time, be sure to include your name, your e-mail address, the story title, a 2-3 sentence description, and what you have written so far (broken into chapters).
  • Before submitting your new story or any new chapters please run a spell check and proofread the story at least once.
  • Unless you are submitting a finished story, authors are expected to update their stories regularly. After two months have passed since the last chapter was written, the fan fiction is considered "Inactive" and the chance of visitors reading your fan fiction is decreased.
  • The Gate reserves the right to reject any new story or new chapters to established stories based on content we might find questionable.
  • Send new story submissions and updates to Please do NOT send attachments! They will not be accepted. Paste your story directly into the e-mail; break especially large submissions into a few e-mails.

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