Chemical Reaction

Soap Opera Weekly


  From the moment spitfire Alexis encountered the suave, sweet-talking Ned on General Hospital, romance seemed inevitable.

Nancy Lee Grahn and Wally Kurth are finding the assignment of bringing their characters together more than just a job, perhaps because of the behind-the-scenes friendship they've forged.

The pair was asked the same questions, separately:

What famous duo is most reminiscent of your characters?

WK: Tracy and Hepburn, because of their feistiness, adult repartee and maturity.

NLG: It's too early to tell, but I'd love to see them go in the direction of Tracy and Hepburn. They were the greatest duo of all time - witty, funny, intelligent, complicated, obstinate, willful. All the good dynamics you want to play as an actor.


If you could go back in time and witness any event in history, what would you most want to see?

WK: The parting of the Red Sea

NLG: The fall of Hitler, or the parting of the Red Sea.


If you could spend one week appearing on a TV show, past or present, which would you choose?

WK: "My Three Sons." I loved that show. Fred MacMurray was a pretty cool guy. It was one of the first shows I remember watching where it seemed like a real family.

NLG: I would have loved to have been on "The Carol Burnett Show," because I could have played different characters, and I would have gotten to work with really good people.


If, like a product, you came with a guarantee, what could you guarantee about yourself?

WK: That I would be late for work, which I am every day. Hey, if nothing else, I'm honest.

NLG: Loyalty.


What would you rather be - liked or respected?

WK: In the past, it was always about whether I would be liked. I think I'm now moving into a time of my life where I'd rather be respected.

NLG: Respected. I think respect is the essence of all good things - love, admiration....


If you could have the original of anything, what object would you choose?

WK: I'd like the original blueprints of my parents' house - just for kicks.

NLG: The declaration that gave women the right to vote.


If you could be spokesperson for any product, what would it be?

WK: "Rice Dream." It's a rice drink that replaces milk. I love it. In fact, I would love to do their commercials. I'm such a believer in their product, because I can't drink milk. I'm allergic.

NLG: Lancome's waterproof lengthening black mascara - before they changed it and ruined it. Now, it doesn't stick to my eyelashes.


If you could invite anyone in the world to dinner at your home, who would it be, and what would you serve?

WK: W.S. Gilbert, of Gilbert and Sullivan, Stevie Wonder, and Leonard Bernstein. I'd serve Chinese food.

NLG: Bill Clinton. I'd serve something from McDonald's.


Barring the obvious - keys, cash, credit cards - what's the one thing you never leave home without?

WK: My wedding ring.

NLG: My eye ointment, because I have a corneal abrasion. Sometimes the cells in my eye dry out. It is so excruciatingly painful that I have to keep my eye lubricated.


Aside from standards like "No Smoking" or "No Trespassing," what original "No..." would you like to put on your front door?

WK: "No Book Salesmen." People always come up to me and try to sell me books. Not just encyclopedias, but other kinds of books, too.

NLG: "No BS"!! I hate lying. I like people to tell the truth, say what they mean -- or don't say anything at all.


What do you miss most about being a child?

WK: I'm still a child; that's why I'm an actor. I'd probably say Mom making all my meals.

NLG: Being picked up and carried around. And my blanket.