Ned Asks Alexis To Spend The Night

Soap Opera Magazine
Transcribed by Anji


  First Kiss Ned and Alexis' relationship takes a major turn . . .

Ned, burdened by his family, has a vulnerable moment when he asks Alexis to come with him.

"Because Ned has focused all his energy on his family and really neglected what is going on inside, he is feeling overwhelmed," Wally Kurth (Ned) explains. "There was the whole Dorman thing and now, with A.J. drinking again, he really feels bad for Emily. It's hard for him to be everything to everyone in that family. He needs some comfort--it's been a long time since Lois left."

But Alexis' initial reaction is not encouraging. "Alexis says she can't--Stefan needs her, which isn't true. It's an excuse because she's too scared to go home with him," says Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis). But she reconsiders when Ned leaves abruptly.

"She explains that he's not allowed to leave like that, that they have to establish guidelines if there is going to be any kind of relationship," Grahn explains. "She explains that they have to establish some trust. It turns out that she needs him too, but she is scared.

"Alexis has this dysfunctional need to protect Stefan and Nikolas, which is why she is doing these convoluted things with the pictures," Grahn continues. "They grew up in an incredibly dysfunctional environment, with her aunt and his mother killing people who got in the way and being very girly when it was convenient. She knows that Katherine has been very deceitful and honestly believes she is doing this to protect the only family she has. But Stefan is very distant and doesn't really need her for much other than business, so when there is someone saying he needs her emotionally, it feels good while she has her guard down."

"It was played out pretty cool," adds Kurth. "Two adults talking about what they need and what they can promise and what they can't."