Ned, Alexis Make Love

Soaps In Depth


  After months of flirting with romance, Ned and Alexis finally give in to their passion this week and make love for the first time.

The In Depth Story:

"There's a lot more romance to come for Ned and Alexis," promises headwriter Bob Guza. "Their professional lives are going to take a surprising turn, and we'll reveal why. Meanwhile, the romance will continue to bubble underneath."

Although Grahn is heading off the canvas to give birth to her first baby in March, viewers will hardly notice that she's gone, Guza assures. "We're going to get her back as quickly as posible, obviously, but we do have a story point that gets her off the canvas for her maternity leave," he says."Alexis will be constantly referred to, and we're going to do some post-taping, so there won't be a month or six weeks when you don't see her on-screen at all."

And what can viewers look forward to upon Alexis' return? "She comes back with a vengeance," Guza teases. "She will find herself in the middle of two different stories- one that involves Ned and the Quartermaines and one with her own family situation."