Ned and Alexis Make Love

Soap Opera Weekly


  Helena continues to use Alexis to try to bring down Stefan and regain control of the Cassadine dynasty. This week on GH, after planting seeds in Stefan's mind so he will think about Laura, Helena demands that Alexis get Katherine to buy a stone bench for Wyndemere. Helena is pleased with Alexis' work, and says that more assignments await her.

Fortunately for Alexis, Ned manages to get her mind off Helena when he comes to her hotel room to celebrate Valentine's Day. Ned's gift is a sound machine that he says will "take" her anywhere she wants to go. Alexis chooses wherever there is no telephone, fax or family. After sampling the machine's offerings, Alexis tells Ned that they are in a tropical rain forest. They kiss passionately, and make love for the first time.