Lovers and Other Strangers

Soap Opera Magazine


  When Ned and Alexis finally made love, Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis) was eight months pregnant, so a body double was brought in to make the scene work technically, explains Wally Kurth (Ned). "Just the rolling around in bed and having to roll on top of one another was pretty hilarious," Kurth explains. "But when they went in for close-up, and we did a lot of kissing, (Nancy's) belly didn't get in the way for that," Kurth explains. "After Nancy and I did all this kissing for what seemed like a couple of hours, they said, 'Okay, bring in the body double,' A woman came in with a wig on to look like Nancy, and when she hopped into bed, I said, 'Hi, I'm Wally, nice to meet you.' And (before long) I'm putting my arm down her arm and touching her back, kissing her neck, etc. It's a great job!" Kurth laughs.