GH's Alexis Defends Tony, But May Lose Ned

Soap Opera Weekly


  "She knows the family from which she is sprung, and she knows she will die a gruesome death like her mother," says Nancy Lee Grahn, explaining why her character, Alexis, became Tony’s lawyer this week on General Hospital. "Helena has definitely got her where she wants her. They have created high stakes, there is no question about it."

The merits of Tony’s case hardly matter, only that Helena forces her to defend him, and Alexis knows that will have an adverse effect on her relationship with Ned, since Tony is on trial for kidnapping a Quartermaine heir. "She knows Ned will be pissed," Grahn says, "but I think she is totally used to this. She has never had a relationship in her life. Her family gets in the way of any potential happiness, so she never allows herself to get too happy. It’s very tragic."

Ned tells Alexis he wants nothing further to do with her; her role as Tony’s lawyer also raises other eyebrows — including Luke’s. "She evades his questioning," Grahn explains, "but there’s an implication. He knows and she knows that he knows what’s going on. It’s definitely implied that Helena is making her do things she can’t stomach."

Despite her personal misgivings, Alexis puts together a rather impressive defense for her client; she drops Tony’s insanity plea and focuses on proving custodial interference. In the process, she locks horns with Dara, and later is forced by Helena to turn on Dara. "Alexis is a defense attorney, so she is trained to be able to defend someone, but she has no desire to defend this man," Grahn says. "She knows that everybody hates her, but she just does it because she has to, and she does it well. She is just able to go into business mode. I had to play it pretty straight, because Alexis can’t let anyone see that she doesn’t mean business, because they won’t take her seriously."

Alexis makes Dara take her seriously when Helena forces her to deliver a file containing some potentially incriminating material. "The fact of the matter is that Dara did something that was very unethical, which Helena uncovered," Grahn says. "I think Alexis could find some truth to it, because Dara implies that Alexis doesn’t care about what she is doing and is the one who is unethical. The fact of the matter is that Dara shouldn’t be acting so moral."

At week’s end, a shocking verdict is reached at Tony’s trial.