NLG/WK Snippet

Soap Opera Weekly


  For her daughter Kate's first birthday Feb. 24th , Nancy Lee Grahn has planned something of a unique celebration. "I am having a metaphysichristening for her; I made it up. I even wrote a poem (for the invitation). Part of it goes, "Is there a name for this sort of thing? For now let's call it a metaphysichristening." Grahn came up with the idea because of her varied religious background and current beliefs. My mother is Jewish, so by blood, I'm Jewish. But my father is Lutheran, and that's how I was raised. I was baptized and confirmed. After a 20 year search for something that I was comfortable with, the best way to categorize my beliefs is more in a metaphysical way. So I want to have a spiritual ceremony for Kate. I need to give her a grounding, some place where she can spring off and go from. A friend with similar beliefs helped Nancy devise some sort of a special ceremony as well as standard birthday fare, too. We're having cake and balloons and Wally is going to sing a special song for Kate.