Roman Holiday, Port Charles Style!

Soap Opera Update


  After Gertrude finds Ned's love letter to Alexis, she thinks she's got the goods to pull the plug on Ned and Chloe's wedding. But Jax covers for his wife and her former lover, and Ned and Chloe are married. Nevertheless, after the ceremony, Jax and Chloe steal a moment alone and the two share their first kiss. As for Alexis and Ned, they manage to spend a romantic wedding night. Despite the fact that they're each wed to someone else, they vow that nothing will keep them from being together. Easier said than done -- Gertrude "treats" newlyweds Ned and Chloe to a honeymoon in Rome. Jax presents Alexis with a honeymoon plan of his own, and they, too, are soon on their way to a Roman Holiday. Ned and Chloe are happily surprised when Jax and Alexis show up at their hotel, but things take a somewhat awkward turn when Chloe wonders uncomfortably about the sleeping arrangements, betraying her growing feelings for Jax.

Figuring that Gertrude has arranged to have spies checking up on their every move, Jax and Chloe come up with a clever plan to buy themselves some fun time in Italy. The two dress up as German tourists in order to check out the sites and sounds of la bella Roma. While they're out and about, Ned and Alexis enjoy some quality time alone back at the hotel. Ned promises to bring Alexis back to Rome one day when they can display their feelings for each other openly. In the meantime, they'll make the most of this current romantic respite. Or will they? As Jax and Chloe return to the hotel, they spot Gertrude handing a payoff to someone on the hotel staff. Will Gertrude get to the hotel room and catch Ned and Alexis doing what comes naturally?