Mixed Doubles


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  Has switching partners made double trouble for Jax & Chloe and Ned & Alexis?

This week, what started out as an elaborate game of charades results in some very real consequences for mismatched married Jax and Alexis and Ned and Chloe. When the dust settles will either of the couples who are meant to be together be able to find their way back to each other?

Jax Remembers Brenda!

As the week begins, Jax still is reeling from Chloe's spill from her horse. The whole incident reminds him entirely too much of the way that Brenda tragically was wrested from his arms. At last, he even confides his moment of terror to his sympathetic riding partner.

Later, deciding that Chloe is now well enough to be moved, gallant Jax carries her back to the stables. Naturally, Ned is beyond relieved: he was frantic that the duo were gone overnight: their absence wrought havoc on the L&B business meeting that he and his bride were to attend. However, the tension starts to brew as Ned gives Jax an earful about putting Chloe in danger in the first place.

Chloe Confesses Her True Feelings!

Arriving home safe and sound, Chloe confesses to Ned that spending the night under the stars with Jax made her realize just exactly how she feels about her handsome hero. But, still unwilling to mess up their ruse and lose her company in the process, Chloe begs Ned to keep her secret.

Of course, nothing stays secret in the Quartermaine household for long -- and Edward and Gertrude are bound and determined to make sure this time is no exception! The two put their heads together and contrive a scheme to prove something's rotten in Denmark...er. Port Charles.

Ned & Chloe Get Passionate!

Determined to catch Ned being unfaithful to Chloe -- a scenario that's sure to result in her company reverting to Aunt Gertrude -- Edward rigs a video camera in the gatehouse. Ned and Alexis were planning to meet there for the evening, but their plans go awry thanks to unexpected Jax family obligations.

Left to his own devices, Ned happens upon the not-so-well-hidden camera. Thrilled to be remaining one step ahead of "Grandfather," Ned convinces Chloe that they can get the old man's goat by staging a show of love and passion for the camera.

Jax Comforts Alexis!

Then Lila, who, as usual, is onto her unscrupulous spouse, intercepts the videotape as it is delivered by his private investigator. Thinking she's helping, Lila sends the tape to Ned via Reginald. But when Reggie arrives, it's not Ned, but Alexis who answers the door. Her plans with John and Jane having been canceled, Alexis decides to watch the tape while waiting for Ned's return. And boy, is she surprised when she spies the heat between Ned and Chloe!

Dropping by the gatehouse, Jax finds a very distraught Alexis, who keeps her discovery to herself. Assuming that their "arrangement" is what's getting her down, Jax does his best to assure Alexis that she's the one with a strong hold on Ned's heart.

Later, Ned and Alexis again make plans to rendezvous, but this time, it's Jerry who louses things up by insisting that Alexis and Jax join him and Bobbie for dinner. Unable to refuse the invitation, Alexis leaves Ned a note canceling their date and heads to the PC Grill with Jax. Then, not having seen the note, Ned and Chloe grow concerned when they can't find Jax and Alexis, and head to the Port Charles Hotel to find them.

Ned Catches Alexis Painting the Town With Jax!

At dinner, Bobbie and Jerry press Jax and Alexis for details about their relationship, and the newlyweds find it surprisingly easy to lie. Happening upon the frolicking foursome, Ned is miffed that he's been stood up, but eventually realizes that Alexis had no choice.

Then the temperature in the room turns downright frosty when Sonny and Hannah arrive for dinner. Still raw from his recent memories of Brenda, Jax struggles to keep his animosity for Sonny in check -- a struggle which he loses big time!

Has Sonny Cost Jax Chloe's Love?

Ignoring Jerry's pleas to keep his cool, Jax interrupts Chloe's conversation with Sonny and advises her that Mr. Corinthos is no one she wants to be near. The war of words that ensues sends daggers through the air, and it's eventually a wounded Hannah who comes to Sonny's defense.

When the smoke clears, Hannah will have won brownie points from Sonny, but Jax, who has just shown Chloe his cutthroat side for the first time, may come out the loser. Will Jax's hatred for Sonny bring his budding romance with Chloe to a screeching halt?