Double Trouble


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  As Ned and Alexis stare down the green-eyed monster, Jax and Chloe heat up

This week, as Ned and Alexis reach the breaking point over sex, lies and a certain videotape, Jax and Chloe arrive at the turning point of their relationship. Will the strain of playing charades blind them to their true feelings? Or will all that make-believe prompt them to surrender to the passion that they can't deny is real?

The Quicker Picker-Upper

As the week begins, Jerry's troubles have left brother Jax in a funk. Fortunately, Chloe makes good on her promise to stand by the Jacks sibs with an attempt to put the twinkle back in Jax's eyes -- by taking him on a day trip to Manhattan!

However, once in the Big Apple, Chloe frets that her efforts are not enough. Then it's Jax's turn to cheer her up by telling her that she has helped him more than she knows. Delighted to have renewed their closeness, they share another romantic kiss by a fountain in the rain.

"It's My Stepdaughter's Party (And I'll Hide If I Want To)"

Meanwhile, it's Brooke Lynn's birthday, and Chloe's got a dilemma. "Chloe decides not to attend Brooke Lynn's party because she doesn't want the child to grow too attached," Chloe's portrayer, Tava Smiley, explains. "When the distance was put back between them, she stopped to think about the fact that Brooke Lynn wasn't going to be in her life for more than a year. So, even though Chloe's allowed herself to fall in love with the little girl, she's trying to detach from her so Brooke Lynn doesn't get hurt."

Still, Chloe is more than a little disappointed that she can't be there for Brooke Lynn's big day. Deciding that Chloe needs to be buoyed, Jax throws a private party for the two of them at his penthouse where he makes her the "stand-in" birthday girl. Chloe is charmed by the gesture -- and even more taken with his gift: a Sherpa jacket to wear next time they are in Gotham. "Jax just keeps blowing Chloe away with the things that he does," observes Smiley. "it's not just that he's extravagant, it's that he's so sensitive and thoughtful in everything he does."

However, the evening is interrupted when Jerry walks in on a kiss!

Victory For Aunt Gertrude?

Knowing that infidelity will cost Chloe her company, Jax avoids offering Jerry the truth. Jerry, however, is much more concerned about Jax cheating on Alexis, his beloved sister-in-law.

While trouble is brewing upstairs, downstairs in the hotel, an even bigger problem lurks. Aunt Gertrude is elated when she learns from a maid that Chloe is in Jax's penthouse and races to catch them. But when she barges through the door, she is disappointed to learn that Chloe already has left.

Alexis Makes a Confession!

Gertrude's continued suspicions lead Jax to suggest that he and Alexis and Ned and Chloe appear in public together as couples. The foursome head to Luke's where they anticipate a fun-filled evening. But before long, an argument ensues about whether to continue the ruse. Unable to hold her tongue, a jealous Alexis blurts out that she saw Ned and Chloe's all-too-realistic-looking videotape.

Alexis' pain strikes a definite chord with Chloe, who wishes she and Ned had come clean about what they had done immediately afterward. "These people aren't actors -- they don't kiss people on-camera for a living. So as much as Chloe and Ned both blew it off, it was a big deal that they smooched," Smiley ventures. "Even though it was all for the camera, I think Ned and Chloe are attracted to each other on some level, so there was an aspect of guilty pleasure in it for them."

Nevertheless, friends are very important to Chloe, and she's terribly guilt-ridden for having caused Alexis such pain. After much discussion and apologies all around, the pals decide that for the sake of Chloe Morgan Designs and L&B Records, their respective marriages should continue.

Jax Makes His Move!

Their priorities once again in order, the quartet agree to take some time off for romance at a spa. Jax takes advantage of the unique opportunity and surprises Chloe with a very personal massage! "For Jax to finally take things a step further is not only a relief," says Smiley, "but very exciting for Chloe because [in her mind] that's him saying, 'Yes, I do want something with you.'" The steam isn't the only thing heating up the spa as the passion between Jax and Chloe builds. But like a bucket of ice water, Gertrude once again manages to put a damper on the moment by showing up at the wrong time. "Gertrude has been frustrating to Chloe the whole way," observes Smiley. "I don't think Chloe's capable of murder but if she were, Gertrude would definitely be in her path!"

It's Now or . . . Later

Chaos ensues as Ned and Jax scramble to switch rooms -- and spouses -- before they are caught. The moment of panic passes quickly, but the memory of where they'd left off isn't erased for Jax and Chloe, who admit that their chemistry is becoming difficult to ignore. Will the two give in to their desire and make love?