Collision Course:

GH’s Alexis pushes Helena too far, but Chloe and Jax may pay the price


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Transcribed by: Kelly


  Twist of Fate: GH’s Alexis pushes Helena too far, but Chloe and Jax may pay the price

Fearful that Alexis has figured put that she has Lucky hidden away, Helena decides to neutralize her this week on General Hospital. Although Helena sets forth a plan to kill Alexis, Chloe inadvertently gets in the way of the hit.

Helena begins her campaign at the PC Grille, where she lays into Alexis with her usual threats. But this time, Alexis seem impervious to the peril of Helena’s wrath. Turning the tables on Helena, Alexis cuts her off, and bluffs that she knows all of Helena’s secrets, and therefore, isn’t intimidated by or scared of her anymore. In fact, she’s looking forward to watching Helena go down. Where is all of this newfound bravado coming from? “I honestly don’t know. I’m just tired of her,” says Nancy Lee Grahn, in character as Alexis. “I have absolutely relinquished any fear, any ability to be tormented by her anymore. I’ve had it. I think Alexis just doesn’t care what Helena does to her anymore. She just has no regard for her whatsoever, and she’ll say anything to piss her off.”

GH head writer Robert Guza Jr. elaborates on Alexis’ motives: “Remember, little Natasha has lived in the shadow of the domineering Helena Cassadine all her life. While she still has fear, it’s extraordinarily empowering for Alexis to be able to step out and say, ‘The hell with you, Helena. I’m not going to let you scare me anymore. Not only that, but I’m going to have a little fun with you. I’m going to get in your face for a change and do an inkling to you of what you’ve done to me my entire life.”

Although Helena covers her reaction to Alexis’ bombshell, she clearly takes Alexis at her word. “Alexis actually says to me, ‘I have information about what you’re doing, and it will be your last chance [scheme],” Constance Towers says, in character as Helena. “In a sense, she's giving me the feeling that she’s going to pull me down. It’s because of this paranoia of Helena’s that she misinterprets and thinks that Alexis really does know about Lucky.”

Fearing the worst, Helena orders that Lucky be moved to a new location ASAP, and resolves to neutralize Alexis. To that end, Helena heads to L&B to see Alexis again, this time under the pretense of concern for Nikolas’ safety. Helena suggests that Stefan will turn on Nikolas, but Alexis keenly sees through this contrivance, and tells Helena she knows what game Helena is playing.

Ned arrives on the scene just in time to hear Helena threaten Alexis, and comes to her defense. “I don’t want Alexis to have anything to do with Helena,” explains Wally Kurth as Ned. “Alexis is aware of that, so she keeps all of that apart from us. But when I see them together [at L&B], that’s when I react; she comes over to my home turf. She takes on my woman.”

Does Ned see Helena as a real threat? “The fact that Helena is even there is a threat,” Kurth says. “I don’t want Alexis to have anything to do with the Cassadines, in particular Helena. I don’t trust her; she’s already tried to kill Alexis a number of times. And that’s enough for me.”

Alexis continues to bluff by pretending she has something major that she can hold over Helena’s head. When Helena leaves perturbed, Alexis delights in the idea that she’s put one over on Helena -- blissfully unaware that she’s triggered a lethal response form mama Cassadine.

Helena make a beeline to Stefan, and asks him to call off Alexis, but Stefan insists he has nothing to do with whatever Alexis is up to, and calls Helena on being scared. After an amused Stefan leaves, Helena confides in her henchman, Andreas, that she plans to kill Alexis the next day.

Meanwhile, Chloe and Jax’s relationship begins to intensify this week. When Chloe goes to meet Jax at the pond, she observes him skating with Hannah, whom he accidentally ran into. Seeing Jax interact with the dead-ringer for his ex stirs up some insecurities in Chloe, who then heads to L&B. “It funks her out a little bit,” Tava Smiley (Chloe) explains. “She sees him with Hannah, and she’s taken aback. Here’s a beautiful woman who looks like his ex-girlfriend, who’s been a bit of a nemesis in this. Chloe tries to be very understanding about this, but in part recognizes that [the memory of Brenda] is more of a challenge for her than a live woman. You can’t compete [with a ghost]. But here’s a woman who looks like her. It makes her realize that her relationship with Jax is not casual.”

Jax arrives at L&B soon after, and explains how he innocently ended up with Hannah. Chloe admits to Jax how her heart sank upon noticing the two of them together. Jax and Chloe agree that they’re tired of hiding their relationship from the world. If they can’t go public with their romance, Jax intends to make the best of things behind closed doors, and prepares a romantic evening with Chloe at a country inn.

Chloe heads for the inn, disguised as Alexis. “I don’t think that either of us realizes the danger that I am in dressed as her,” Smiley says in character. Chloe arrives at their room at the inn, undresses, and she and Jax make love. Afterward, the couple contemplate their future.

Later, they return to the PC Hotel, where someone is waiting outside in a car for Alexis. Spotting them -- and mistaking Chloe for Alexis -- the driver revs the car’s engine. “It’s business as usual for Helena,” Towers says of the hit on Alexis. “Her hatred of Alexis is so deep. She loved Mikkos, her husband, who had the affair with Alexis’ mother, and Alexis was born a bastard child. This is the final straw with her. Helena should have had her disposed of years ago. She has no regrets; she didn’t have any regrets about having Alexis’ mother’s throat slit. She’s lethal.”

Guza echoes Towers’ take on her character: “Helena has a way out of all of this, a way that keeps her untouchable even though people know. It’s a very interesting way. There’s no way Helena is going to sit in a jail cell and rot for the rest of her career. She’s too powerful. Too staunch. Too smart.”

The tragic outcome of Helena’s hit-gone-awry will spell the end of the Fab Four, Guza teases. “The charade comes to a culmination as a result of what happens; it will end as a result of it. The foursome will confront what they’ve been doing, and realize how precious life is. And there will be a definite change in their relationships. Almost a real family has developed between the four of them, with mutual love and respect and genuine concern. They come out of this realizing, among other things, life is too short not to be with the person you love openly. Not only do they realize that, but they unite for quite a story that comes off of this. All four spin into an adventure, but particularly Jax and Chloe.

* -- Janet Di Lauro & Robert Schork