Switching Partners


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  Soap characters sure are good at sharing -- maybe too good, judging by all the date-swapping on daytime. (And let's not forget about those generous souls who marry the women that their friends got pregnant!) Check out 10 shows where mixing and matching has always been in fashion...and find out how some of your favorite actors really feel about this practice!

General Hospital

Fraternizing Friends: Ned Ashton, Alexis Davis, Jasper "Jax" Jacks and Chloe Morgan.

Dates and Confused: Ned and Alexis had been dating for over a year when newcomer (and Ned's distant cousin), Chloe, came to town and caught the eye of their pal, Jax, last year. The foursome switched partners when Chloe, facing an edict in her Uncle Herbert's will, had to wed happily or lose her company to Herb's greedy widow, Gertrude. With Alexis's blessing, Ned stepped up to offer his services as hubby. (Chloe nixed the idea of marrying Jax for fear of ruining a good thing before it had a chance to even start.)

Headaches and Heartaches? The foursome ran off to Vegas for the wedding, but it was Jax and Alexis who wound up tying the knot when a sneaky Gertrude followed them there to prove the Ned/Chloe pairing a fraud. Ned and Chloe later married in a beautiful ceremony at the Q mansion. And ever since then, both pairs have managed to stay one step ahead of Gertrude, while secretly seeing their true loves on the sly. Just weeks ago, however the switcheroo nearly cost Chloe her life when Helena ran her down, thinking she was Alexis. As a result Chloe was rendered sightless.

And, In the End.... The sham was recently brought to a halt when Gertrude snagged Chloe in Jax's arms. The couples should soon be headed for divorce court.

Rating the Relationships: Being forced to constantly keep up pretenses lest Gertrude learn the truth proved exhausting for Ned, Alexis, Jax and Chloe. On the bright side, the friendships between each participant deepened markedly, as did their romances. Now free to pursue their respective loves, the foursome can openly enjoy Gertrude-free relationships. Of course, during the switcheroo, everyone proved so compatible with everyone else, it's hard to decide who would be better off with whom!