GH's Ned and Alexis Break Up


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Transcribed by Anji


  Ned and Alexis Call It Quits on GH.

Sonny puts the moves on Alexis--in a manner of speaking--which leads to her breakup with Ned this week on General Hospital.

The quick succession of events begins when Alexis arrives late for an appointment with Sonny and blames it on her living arrangements. "She's sick of living in a hotel," Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis) says. "She can't be prompt, she doesn't have an office, she gets interrupted, and things just don't go smoothly. When she was at Jax's penthouse, she used his library as her office." So in a rather off-handed way, Alexis asks Sonny if he knows any real estate agents. He goes her one better: He tells her he has the perfect apartment for her--Jason's penthouse, right across the hall from his own.

Alexis doesn't know what Sonny's got up his sleeve, but she's sure there's a catch. She agrees to look at the apartment nonetheless, "and she falls in love with the place because the view is great and it's got all this space and three bedrooms and two bathrooms and a fireplace. " Grahn says.

There is no catch, per se, where Alexis is involved. Sonny's motive is simply to make sure the apartment is occupied. He wants Carly to move back in with him, and if Jason's place isn't an option, there's a better chance of that happening. Ned, meanwhile, thinks that if Alexis lives next door to Sonny, "I'm going to be gunned down," Grahn says, in character. "And I'm saying it's not like that. Alexis really is just completely one-tracked minded: This is a great penthouse, and I'm assuming there aren't many other apartments available. It isn't a big deal."

Until Alexis and Ned get into a big fight over it. He storms into the penthouse, finds her unpacking and issues an ultimatum: It's either the penthouse or him, "And I'm like, ' What?' Basically, he leaves. Sonny had brought over a bottle of champagne, so she just starts drinking and gets tanked."

The next day, after Chloe gives a hungover Alexis a shoulder to cry on, Alexis and Ned realize they simply had a lover's quarrel, and they get back together. "[The ultimatum] just came out of nowhere," Grahn says, noting that the pair, "have never fought in four years," and that she's grateful for the chance to explore more facets of Ned and Alexis' relationship, as seen recently in her ambivalence about his renewed career as Eddie Maine. "I think what they did was sort of about-faced themselves. At first, [the writers] just had me going along with, he'd become a rock star blah, blah, blah. But I don't think Alexis has ever gone to a rock concert; this is not what she does. She's very intentional about her career. She wouldn't all of a sudden just fit in. I would think she'd find it kind of sophomoric and silly on some level, and she'd be sitting in the corner reading a book."

Don't except Carly to sit in a corner and pick up a copy of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, by the way. She's furious when she finds out where Alexis is living; she knows exactly why Sonny had her move into Jason's penthouse, and she calls him on it. Then, she sets in motion her own little plan to hit Sonny where it hurts.

*--Linda Susman