Trouble Ahead For Ned And Alexis


Soap Opera Update


  GH’s Nancy Lee Grahn certainly hopes so.

“The show is trying to create some obstacles for Ned and Alexis. They’ve had us just sitting around, holding hands, going to L&B and having nothing to talk about and nothing to do. They need to juice it up a little.

An interesting obstacle they could set up for Ned and Alexis is Chloe, because she’s having these dreams and she’s turning to Ned. Not that there’s any romantic thing going on right now, but they’re kind of just depending on each other. An Alexis/Ned/Chloe triangle would be cool. All that kind of stuff is good. You want to establish close relationships, which we have. When you start mixing it up in there, it’s a good thing. It’s not a bad thing, because then you have somewhere to go, you have something to overcome.

I don’t want to play a part that doesn’t have challenges. I don’t want to play someone who isn’t flawed, who doesn’t have problems, because then there’s nothing to overcome and you’re sort of at the end of your movie before you even start. There’s no point in watching the movie if you know how it’s going to end. ‘Happily ever after’ is good in real life, and even then it’s not. You want there always to be a ‘happily ever after,’ but you want to go on a ride. Ned and Alexis clearly need a good ride.”