Wedding Woes Plague Ned and Alexis


Soap Opera Update


  Marital Mayhem

As preparations for their notable nuptials get underway, can Ned and Alexis pull this wedding off?

Change of Heart

At first, Alexis didnít want to be consumed with all of the planning that a big ceremony would entail. Considering his last wedding at his familyís mansion, itís more than she can handle. Thatís why Ned hired a wedding coordinator for her. As the big day gets closer, Alexis admits to Ned that sheís enjoying the planning frenzy. Surprisingly, Ned then asks Alexis to elope.

Mistaken Identity

Through what can only be described as a comedy of errors, the wedding plannerís mistake results in Carly taking the role of Alexisí matron of honor. Itís only fitting, since Alexis was Carlyís attendant when she wed Sonny. Mrs. Corinthos is thrilled when Alexis confirms that she really wants Carly to stand beside her as she marries Ned. However, the Quartermaines are sure to have a different reaction when they all find out!

The Chaos Continues

Hell must be freezing over, at least thatís what A.J. must think when Ned asks him to be in the wedding. A.J. refuses at first, but later relents. Emily also agrees to be a bridesmaid. After Alexisí search for a dress is ruined, will she and Ned ever make it to the altar?