Here Comes The Bride


Soap Opera Weekly
By Linda Sussman


  Will Eddie's Angel become Ned's wife?

Maybe they should've eloped, as the clock ticks down toward Ned and Alexis' wedding, mishaps, mayhem, and a massive case of premarital jitters dog their path to the altar this week on General Hospital.

"I think Ned wants to get married because he really believes it will squelch the whole Eddie's Angel debacle," Wally Kurth (Ned) states. "I don't know how logical it really was to think that if we invited all the press that people would get sick of Eddie's Angel and Eddie Maine, and won't care anymore. If Madonna invited everybody to her wedding, I don't think that would make her any less desirable. I also think that when people get married it shouldn't be something you have to do, but more the most natural, easy thing to do."

This one will be anything but easy. While their wedding concept may be a bit wacky, Ned is totally and unquestionably committed to Alexis -- and equally sure of her commitment to him. "But he is also not an idiot," Kurth declares. "He knows Alexis has her trepidations. He's being patient with her and trying to help her through it and doing the best he can trying to make her feel confident and secure. But A.J. and Grandfather and the Quartermaines don't make it easy."

That's an understatement. Following the scandalous stunt A.J. pulled at his bachelor party, Ned is so furious that he wants to kick Junior out of the wedding party. Chloe and Edward get Ned to back down, but A.J. manages to throw another monkey wrench into the prenuptial festivities. Fed up with A.J.'s continued lack of respect, Cook closes the kitchen and refuses to prepare Ned and Alexis' rehearsal dinner. The bride's reaction? The frazzled, late-arriving Alexis -- whose wedding gown has been demolished in a workroom accident -- flees.

"I thought I really needed to show some serious hesitancy," Nancy Lee Grahn confides of Alexis' hasty exit. "That this is really getting seriously uncomfortable. They wrote her as sure of herself, which I thought was a good choice, because you always want to do the opposite of what someone is expecting. I think she loves Ned. I don't know that she feels that she can do better than Ned. But I also don't think Alexis knows very much about Alexis, other than she obviously did not have a happy childhood and did not see anything work the way it should. And so she made her life work because she had no one to depend on. She made herself very self-sufficient. So I don't think she's a very good sharer. Her marriage (of convenience) to Jax was probably the perfect marriage, if you think about it. They were completely independent and living together. And enjoying each other. They were very good friends. What Alexis is feeling has nothing to do with her feelings for Ned. I just think she's not at one with the institution of marriage."

Yet, on their wedding day (which airs Monday, Dec. 18), Alexis is calm -- oddly so -- as she arrives at the church and begins to make her way down the aisle to her waiting -- and confident -- groom. Until...she spots Edward waving a divorce sign...and A.J. drinking..."and the most potent thing she sees is Ned, in his Eddie Maine outfit, with two children," Grahn chortles, describing Alexis' fantasy. "One looks like Alex P. Keaton; the other is a little Eddie Maine. But most importantly, she sees herself up there looking like a republican with her hair in a bun and pearls and drinking bourbon! And I toast myself."

But will friends and family get to toast Mr. and Mrs. Ned -- oops, make that Ned Ashton and his wife, Alexis Davis?