I Do, I Don't


Soap Opera Weekly
By Linda Sussman


  Parallel lives? Not quite. But Wally Kurth, twice married and currently separated from wife Rena Sofer (ex-Lois Cerullo Ashton), admits that because of his own marital history, he can truly feel Ned's pain.

"I certainly can't relate my relationship with Rena to this, because it's completely different," Kurth confides, "but I understand the difficulty of somebody taking action and jumping into a marriage, and hoping for the best and working your ass off to make it work. And sometimes you just do what you can and see what happens, and it's hard to predict how it's all going to turn out. Ned's a very successful businessman, but when it comes to love, he's not that lucky. He doesn't seem to pick the right women, or at least get it right. I understand that. I certainly bring my life into it, but it's not a direct parallel. But having the courage to get married and not having it work out is something I can certainly relate to."

Nancy Lee Grahn, who has never been married, marvels at the way her soap characters, Alexis and Santa Barbara's Julia Wainwright Capwell, have given her the opportunity to "work out my own stuff. I think marriage is way too traditional for Alexis, and I kind of like that, because I like any angle that doesn't go straight down he middle," she laughs. "This is where our lines cross. Sometimes I find that issues in your life tend to pop up in your storyline. It's a fabulous way to learn things. I remember when I was on Santa Barbara, in that stage of my life it was all about relationships. The wrong man and trying to find the right one paralleled. So it's like someone's writing the answer for you. In real life, I don't know that I'm comfortable with marriage -- which might explain why I'm not married. I don't think [the writers] know how I feel about it. It's not something I sit and talk about. I just think the universe works in mysterious ways. You know, maybe I'll learn something, figure something out."