No Escape


Soap Opera Digest


  In an ironic twist this week, Ned and Alexis are forced to face down their deepest problems as a result of Zander running away from his. On Tuesday, Alexis is understandably freaked out when she and Ned learn Zander jumped bail, leaving only a vague note behind.

"Actually, Zander has run off to get Emily because she is so unhappy in boarding school," explains [Elizabeth] Korte. "So Alexis prevails upon Ned not to say anything because Ned could only know that Zander took off because he is in a relationship with her. For him to do anything would violate attorney/client privilege."

A request, which needless to say, Ned does not appreciate. "Ned keeps his mouth shut for 48 hours," says Korte. "Until he finds out that, indeed 24 hours after Zander disappears, Emily disappears too. Ned, who loves Emily and is concerned for his family, tells everybody. She must be with Zander because he ran away."

Now, it is Alexis's turn to feel betrayed. "She is livid," stressed the scribe. "This could get her disbarred. Her entire career is on the line and she feels Ned violated her trust, whereas Ned feels, 'There is no comparison, this girl is my cousin and I love her. She is in danger.' So the underlying thing here is that Alexis needs to do this because this is who she is. And Ned is saying -- you're always putting who you are ahead of my very real, very genuine needs. It's always me that is doing the compromising. You fill up your life with things to deal with besides our relationship.

And this is where we get the real, fundemental differences between these two, continues Korte. "They truly love each other but there are more reasons than photographers and panic stricken Quartermaine visions that made Alexis run away from the altar. Up until now, they've very purposely--despite their deep love--kept things in a sophisticated, adult 'this is an affair and we can be witty and clever and try really hard not to let our emotions go too deep' level. So now they're really going to have to confront what they need in each other's lives and whether they can be what they need in each others lives.''

Things look bleak however, on Friday, when Ned walks out on Alexis. "This is really about Ned and Alexis reaching the breaking point," previews Korte. "They're at an impasse, and the major question is: Could this be the end???"