Main Area Administrators

  • Anji:  Soap Mag and Internet Watchdog, Quintessential Kurth, Nothing But Ned, Kasa Kiriakis, Nexis

  • Jamie:  The Trials of Julia, The Gate's Official Event Photographer, Keeper of The Cups

  • Karen (Q):  Family Affair, Official Gate Staff Conscience

  • Michelle:  Nexis, Postcard Princess, Gate Graphics

  • Penelope:  The Grahn Scheme, Trials of Julia, All Things Alexis, Press Shots, Screen Captures, The Gatekeepers Club, Gift Shoppe (Videos), Nexis,  GKEMs

  • Tish:  Quintessential Kurth, Nothing But Ned, Kasa Kiriakis, Nexis, Best Sellers Editor, The Sound Machine, Photographer & Director (Screen Captures & Movies), Gift Shoppe (Videos), GKEMs, The Resident "Evil" One

  • Tracey:  NeX-files, The Gate's Spin Doctor and Official Infiltrator, Post Card Queen


  • CC: All Things Alexis, The Grahn Scheme, Trials Of Julia
  • Brandy: Former NeX-Files Coordinator and Editor
  • Jen: The Trial's Of Julia (articles)

    Nex-Files Staff

  • Athena
  • Jen
  • Tanya


  • Amie**
  • Brenda
  • Kristina**
  • Kelly "007"
    ** As of 01 January 2002, The Gate (, in its present state, is in no way associated with "TopThat! Cyber Concepts & Internet Relations"